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Multiple Issues...

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Hey there, GM's/Owner..


So, I'm relaitvely new to the server, and I wanted to point out a few issues that I came across as I was playing through the game.


Due to the fact that I love this server, I went ahead and donated some money to get myself a fully geared character. Great, right? No. I logged into game, made a hunter, bought all of the gear to find out that neither the donor bow or gun do not work for the hunter. No matter what ammunition you use. This is a problem. 


I had figured this out AFTER I spent all of my DP on my hunter, which meant that I basically spent money for zero reason. Sure, I could refund the money, but for what? To get less than half of what I received? I mean, come on..


I believe that you guys should look into the hunter bow/gun. When you try to equip any ammo, it says 'That Bag Is Full', so you're not able to use it. Which is crap. I love hunters.


Also, you should think about increasing the amount of money you get in refund for donating. It's unfair for me to spend 1k DP, and only get like.. 400 back.. you can barely spend that amount on another character to get gear. Just a suggestion.




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