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Here is a Guide on what to do when your new!

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Step 1: If you just created your account and haven't downloaded anything then read this step if not than proceed to step [2] 

Ok so if you just have created your account, and you read how to connect but your still a little confused than read this!


Ok so you obviously need the patches, goto the download page on the main website and download the patches. Once you have downloaded them/it then go into your wow folder and than in to the data folder, extract the patches in your data folder. You will also need their custom wow.exe, go back to the main website and click on downloads, and click the link for the wow.exe, if you already have downloaded, than keep reading. Ok so you downloaded it now, all you have to do is extract that into your main WoW folder, and finally procced to step 2. MAKE SURE YOUR REALMLIST.WTF SAYS set realmlist logon.wow-horb.net


Step 2: Ok so now your connected, your new to the server, you don't know what to do. Well first level up to 255. 2nd grab your 255 gear, and finally get a good group for VoA. You will need 1 good tank, 1 good healer, 3 good dps.



FAQ[Frequently Answered Questions]

Q: How do i spend VP and DP.

A: Look for the VP or the DP vendors. Normally at the malls, type .u (hyjal mall) or .m (global pvp mall)


Q: Error 132 please help!

A: Normally, clearing your CACHE, Logs, Error, Wtf folders helps. Also just incase if you want to reinstall your patches and WoW.exe


Q: Where can i get VP?

A: You can get VP by voting. Vp is Vote Points


Q: Whats DP?

A: Donation Points, you can get them by certain events or by donating to the server.


Q: How can i contribute to this server?

A: 1. By Donating| 2. By help out other players and making tutorials and guides.


Q: Theres nobody on im bored.

A: Try getting transmogs, or killing a bunch of mobs or anything that might be fun.

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